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Here I am...again.  Second time today my unit has been ordered to this area.  Orders from the top came in right as I was brushing my teeth.  Was already in my onesie.  Said it was urgent.  Bullshit.  
The noble death
Of pride and hope
As tears stain eyes
And breathing slows
The glimmer of the sky
With one last glance (more)
I knew what I wanted from a young age. I was one of the lucky few that did.
I knew how to get it, what I needed to do to get my life exactly how I wanted it. It was all cut and dry- there were no human emotions(more)
      She came to me scarred.  The man referred to her as "broken". A  hunting dog with a deformed nose made her seem incomplete, as if her maker had just given up, or simply had better things to do.  Purchased at a charity auction, the man seem offended when I re(more)
I wanted to die once.

Seventeen and I woke each morning with a sucking hole in my chest, a vortex pining me to the bed. My mum would bring me cups of tea and perch on the mattress. Sometimes she'd stroke my hair, but most of the time(more)
where is it Where is it blood guts screams coughs pleads fear everywhere too much it's too much and I can't find it I just CAN'T FIND IT oh god god god help me--

Blue eyes so blue they look like mom's but oh oh it's just another(more)
We were supposed to be hiding. We were on lock-down, after all. There was a man somewhere in the high school building who had a bomb, homemade, and only big enough to blow off his own hand. Still, we were safely tucked in the corner of the large room,(more)
Go up top, they said. You'll be safe there, they said.


Everybody lied to Steward Trapp, that bumbling hangar-rat from Avalon-9. I mean, how couldn't you! He was the stupidest, most gullible fresh-blood that we ever saw!

But he was one of the few me(more)
From his early years onward, James Larsons lived under the conviction that a.) he saw the world like no other person saw it, and b.) he had an urgent obligation to express this disparate worldview to others, in one form or another. He remembered the exact moment this conviction(more)
blood slipping from his lips,
it drips onto the pavement cracks;
broken backs
arent a source of such a wound
but he knows he had to split his spine
to slip inside and save them. (more)
It's funny how we take some things for granted. You wake up every morning and you just know they'll be there, because that's where they've always been. It's only logical. Something that's stood so firmly for so long is bound to last for at least that much more time.(more)