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there was no watch that night
no watch no watch no watch
they were supposed to watch and they didnt they didnt
no watch no watch no watch
they were asleep fast asleep i think they were so heavily asleep that they didnt hear the enemy coming they didnt(more)
"Like this?"  I took a deep breath and repeated the moves exactly as shown.

"No! Watch."  

The tone grated on me as much at the words did.  I told them I wasn't much of a dancer during the audition.  They said it wasn't going to be a problem.
"You need find out what time it is. When your brain processes that information, your biological clock will re-calibrate itself and you'll be returned to the future. Or the present, as you know it." the android says while injecting tachyon manipulators into my body.
- Storm Bringers 1 -
"No watch?" the brunette cries. "Why don't you have a watch?"

"Regulations - including the routines we live by - pull us down," the dark-haired boy replies, his vacant eyes taking in the other boy's shoes in an antisocial manner.

The brunette(more)