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"Where are we?"
I keep my voice low. The minute I told her to take me to Caerii it was like I blinked and now here I am.
Only it's so very dark I see nothing.
I only hear the muffled screams,the crashing of glass. The air is thic(more)
Hoping that I would still have sway over you. Even just a fragment. Maybe you could meet me down here where slurried tides have carried me under no weight other than my own useless curiosity. Maybe you could meet me down here in the unknowable black crush of the(more)
     "Cranos 3, you are clear to dock at 55 Tango...Welcome to Athena."
     Jack set the auto pilot for dock 55T and sat back in the captain's chair.  He gazed upon the sights of the bustling city laid out beneath him.
     "It's good to be home(more)
Some locally-infamous idiot online posted something a few days ago about how this one 5 second moment in Return of the Jedi was some great philosophical statement about pacifism and how war is unnecessary.  While I'm sure he, as usual, merely enjoys stirring the shit on the overheated crapstove of(more)