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Lost in the chaos
of the birds and bees
is this beautiful truth:

You get two first kisses.
   When the time comes, you will understand.  There will be no butterflies, no hesitation, no turning back.  That moment of clarity will crystallize around your very soul, almost sharp enough to slice your heart.  You will want it...crave it...even need it, and whether or not you are(more)
Here they all call me
   Shakespeare: The Great Unknown
An imitation of poetry, a profound

Here they all call me
   Gorgeous: The flying brigade (more)
Two coats of Chanel Red and I could still taste James on my lips.
The streets were quiet on the walk home but my mind was noisy. After I goaded James into kissing me he disappeared as usual. Not literally but damn close to it.
He infuriated me with(more)
I hated piano, no that's not true, I hated practicing the piano. I hated taking just a moment of my time just to play some music I didn't even care about. In fact, I didn't really like any music at all. It all just sounds the same. Because I(more)
Is this really what I want for myself? Am I doing the right thing? At the time it had seemed like the best option; the only option. Is it still? I cannot imagine any other choice, let alone one that would be better. But this one…Is it right? (more)
Sometimes I feel as though there's no turning back. My love is way too strong. I hate it sometimes. I wish I didn't get involved with guys. When I sit and think about it, since I've been dating, I've never been single, I've always had a guy to talk(more)
The path forward was clear. There was but one thing to do, and as much as he didn't want to do it, he had to. There was nothing to be done about it but to keep moving. There was no turning back.

As he walked down the road(more)
"I'll always love you.  I never meant to hurt you.  Don't look in the shed."