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I remember a time when I was brave, courageous, a time when I was young and fearless.
I'd conquer hills until the became mountains;
I'd run down my street until I turned and ran marathons,
I'd swim with the current until I was strong enough to go against it(more)
There is no tree to tall to block my view. Every leak and every details fits in. It is a beautiful cemetery of words and thoughts and slowly decomposing bodies. Life is ugly, my love, never forget that.

There are words and syllables and curses and insanity. Ever(more)
no tree too tall as
lightning keeps them pruned and the
new warmth spoils the mist
There will be no tree too tall not now not ever. But sadly our hero was a quadriplegic squirrel and now every tree was going to be too tall even bigger than its bigger effort. For it there was only one option to wait for the cruel winter to(more)