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Sitting in his fresh office cubicle, Eddy leans back in his chair. The office is empty as he shows up early for his first day. Getting a feel for his new surroundings.

'Who am I going to be?' He thinks to himself. 'Will I be the hard working(more)
No one knows me.

No one can see me, hear me or touch me.

I am alone.
He looked at his watch, 3:04pm.
Resting his head against the seat of the silver Honda Accord, Alvin tried to relax. He closed his eyes and spent what felt like an eternity focusing on his breathing.
Five minutes until curtain call.  Time to put the finishing touches to my shy and tired face.  Time to paint on a smile.

In rehearsals, since I was a child, I was told, “Be who they want you to be.  Be the golden girl they’re coming to see”.  I’ve worked hard to(more)
And whose fault is that anyway, hm?

If all you do with your life is wait for people to make the effort to get to know you, wait for them to pry you open like an clam to see if you have a pearl, then of course n(more)
'Here is your coffee Mr. Robertson,' said Fay. 'You gonna sit there all day looking glum?'
'Is that how I look?', he replied. 'I told you earlier to call me Jack'.
'That's just my waitresses instinct trying to be polite is all,' she said.  She leaned over the counter and(more)