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theories abound as to what must have been going thru their hearts and minds and we who remain alive to wonder will never have an answer to our questions. the degree to which they are gone, not just dead but destroyed, makes their loss and our lack(more)

There is no chance for you
not even a glance.
Until the imagined enhancements are financed
there is only a slim prospect to advance
in the field of folk dance. (more)
i cant believe it even now.
it defies logic on all levels,
save one.

i knew i could. i knew i could. i knew i  could.

it was the tiny voice
that dared me prove it wrong
it sang to me, mocked me in my face.
i hate(more)
Dear Johnny letters and backward glances
wishing I could put it in reverse
but it wouldn't make a difference
not really
too many variables
and not enough wiggle room (more)