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Imagine this: a wide open field, red poppies dotting it. The breeze sends the poppies dancing and it cools your skin, even though the night is warm. A man and woman embrace on top of a blue blanket, fingers entwined as they gaze at the stars above. If you'd(more)
Shivering, I drew a blanket over my legs. The building's air-conditioning had not been working for a few days, and even with two fans his bedroom was sweltering. It was when he ran his fingers over my shoulder, down my arm, and along my hand as he whispered "I'm(more)
All things considered, these might have been the cleanest deaths I've ever had on my hands.

Emergency Communications is a self-sustained room, with electrical circuits independent from those of the rest of the palace. Sitting on enough batteries to keep the tape players running for one whole night,(more)
All the forlorn hacks
And insomniacs
Easy Street’s a thousand miles away
My mind’s racing,
But the finish line keeps escaping
My grasp (more)