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I didn't guess I'd be the kind of woman to share my bed with so many. The night starts with the two of us, just like it was in the beginning. By midnight there are three of us, by morning four. If we didn't still sleep in a mere(more)
Something tells me your bed is small.  Narrow.  The boys with the long legs and arms always end up in the narrowest beds, no room to stretch out.  If and when you slept in a larger bed, you'd keep to your own side, bunched up.  The desire to keep hands and feet from(more)
squishy, soft

without you
I spread out
sleeping sideways (more)
I lounge on
new bed,
tired eyes creaking,
staring down
my (more)
I like it because it doesn't
slip, anymore. I'd wake up
to my sheets going one way, and
my comforter the other way; now
I prefer my comfort the way
a king with gilded pillows enjoys (more)
It hadn't ever been out of the plastic wrapping.  Still held together with those impossible zip ties that need an exacto knife or a pair of sharp scissors.  The type of ties that sliced your thumb if you ran the pad of it along the edge.  Sometimes she did just that, leaving(more)