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they couldnt tell me/ said they never knew
& wouldnt/ cuz shed nevr tell
my childhood abuses/ & whether i
waz raped/ or beat/ or touched
where baby girls shld nevr be
I am the bitter latter.
Waiting impatiently,

pulling the skin from my lips
and swaying;
rocking side to side. (more)
I know when to throw an elbow
I can shoulder roll a right cross
I know how to take a low blow
But the gloves came off faster than I'd ever dreamed of
You've always had me backed against the ropes, boy (more)
Have you noticed how adults never talk about dreams? When was the last time you heard an adult say "I have a dream"?  

It sounds stupid coming out of their mouths.  

You see, dreams are for children. For youth. To speak about them is like giving(more)
Nothing angered me like being second to another man, I had been fooled into falling in love with a tramp. It was only a matter of time until another so-called friend helped me learn the hard way that she never loved me, when I found them fucking each other(more)
The low rumble of a hungry stomach was one of life's greatest torture techniques. Castor would have begged for an iron maiden this time around, if they'd just give him a slice of stale bread and some butter, maybe a small cut of burnt black meat.  
Just as those who came before never succeeded, those who come after never will either. In this age of war, fear and tyranny, the oppressed shall never rise, never stand and always crumble. This was until, one day, when all the slaves, servants, finally gathered, and saw in the(more)