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I need solitude.
I've spent months stuck in somebody else's mind.
Coffee orders and washing skirts and combing my hair just to lose sleep.
And because of this I slumber, underneath the depths of my pillowcase and sheets, until the stars have surrounded me many times over,
I wake(more)
She's stretched with her back across her desktop, shamefaced and bright red, frantically clicking with a mouse she can't see. As far as he can tell she is very definitely missing whatever she's trying to close.

She's also not really covering the screen very well. (more)
Her mind is slowly but surely getting blurrier.
No thought really makes sense anymore.

She thinks about all the things she doesn't have:
a boyfriend,
a close friend, (more)
He wished it, he got it. He's on a sunny, peaceful and quiet island, sitting in the soft golden sand, in front of the deep blue pacific, on which we could see the reflection of the bright sun. But more precisely, he was alone. He never thought it could(more)
"I'm fine. I'm just tired."
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I just need to rest."

Half truths.
I know a smile will cover my tracks. (more)
She stands by herself,
distanced from the girls
that says "we're friends,"
then leave her alone with
her lunchbox in her arms.
Top Pot Doughnuts needs solitude. The shelf on the wall holding up all of my useless shit probably needs solitude, too. Ask me again who needs solitude! Alone is best and it's damn easy too for those of you who have spent their lives embracing the solidarity of insolitude.(more)
Under all the shouting and name-calling and accusations of lack of patriotism, the child whose words sparked the debate beckoned me to lean in and hear what she has to say. It was as good enough an excuse as any to get away from the bickering of the adults(more)
When the heart stops beating, it drains till there's nothing.

When people undergo surgery, they come out a bit different. They walk funny for a while. We often have to remind them of why they are there. I like to think that while the amnesia put them under(more)
Annika shuts the bedroom door gently, cups her hand against her forehead and over her tired eyes. It’s been a long day, and the trials behind her leave her now feeling exhausted. She runs her fingers through her already thoroughly mussed hair. Her eyes focus on the king sized(more)
Why I love the Internet and Why That Is A Problem:

Internet surfing is a slightly more interactive version of watching TV.  The primary difference between the two, and the chief attraction for me, is the bottomlessness of the internet. Even the best subscription tv services have only a(more)