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For four years I had my island. "Mine." The sight of anyone else in that barren place a chronic surprise, but one that always made me feel like the odd-woman-out. My property had been cheap and it didn't look at the water; the house I'd patched together was not(more)
Love, stay.
Love, stay with me, stay
here, with me
You will not want, though
you want for someone, even now, but
no, you will not want for (more)
There are gun turrets surrounding my island.  There is a fortress on my island made of pure iron with a moat of boiling acid.  My chamber is in the topmost floor of the fortress on my island. The room is pitch black and large enough to fit only my curled up(more)
My island is when my phone dies.

I am unreachable.
I am untouchable.
I am alone.
my island fever
struck five years in. beautiful
beaches drive me nuts
So, it's a typical morning to work. I am standing on the island platform waiting for the metro. I have a tendency to watch the stairs as I have this morbid fascination of people falling. I think it stems from my love of Wild E Coyote.  
With current wounds my place in this world is a cold one. One that is not empty, but everything that exists in it feels distant, and unobtainable. I am alone in this place, and island in a frozen blizzard-ridden bay. The trees are frozen, the ground is frozen. I(more)
     "Get out," I demanded. My brother looked at me, aghast.
     "What did you say?"
     "Get out!!" I repeated, more forcefully. Honestly, he could be so thick sometimes.
     He threw a glare over his shoulder and stormed out of(more)