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i say, happy birthday! and it seems a bit different this year. the first year of our three year long friendship that we aren't at the same school. we only see each other once a week now, and everytime i reach out to you otherwise you always seem to(more)
Why do we not see each other as much anymore? When we do, we wave and smile and say "Hi!" but - what is lacking? My grin seems forcibly sewn onto my face as I watch you disappear at the other end of the hallway, swallowed up by the(more)
what is this? it feels like a standardized test or
a college application. if you could talk about whatever you damn well pleased
you would not name your essay "my best friend" -
instead you would talk about the time you twinned on spirit day and it was(more)
"We've been friends for over 21 years," I mused to Owen. At 34 we've been friends for over half our lives. Time fucks with perception but Owen can read me like Everyone Poops Books. Owen's married and I'm single. He runs several shady online businesses that have made him(more)
A gnat slammed itself against the porch light repeatedly as I gingerly climbed the creaky, wooden steps.

It had been months since I saw Greg. We had a falling out on my way out of town. Stupid high school shit, but it was enough to maintain the silenc(more)
vanya's sitting on the edge of the bathtub with his eyes closed and hyacinthe is kneeling in front of him with a makeup brush in one hand and a small pot of eyeliner in the other.

"don't move," she cautions and a moment later the slick sensation o(more)
Luke sat down next to Donnie on the couch, offering a peanut butter sandwich. When Donnie declined Luck shrugged and started eating it himself. Donnie picked at the sleeve of his hoodie.
"Wanna talk about JJ?" Luke asked through a mouthful of bread and peanut butter. Donnie shook his(more)
Some would say that you were the worst kind of a roommate a girl could ask for.
Every morning you stomp up and down the hallway at some ungodly hour, with complete disregard for the person, me, sleeping just on the other side of a nearby door. If (more)
"Rise and shine," Ed called cheerfully, yanking the blinds open. Al grunted and turned his face away from the light, pulling the too-short comforter up over his head to block out the sun's rays. "It's a gorgeous, sunny Saturday morning! What are you still doing in bed?"

"Are you fucking serious?!?" I shouted into the phone with exhilaration. "I can't fucking believe, of all people are going to get married. How'd you trick her?"  

"Oh man, I know. It's fucking crazy, right? I dunno, 7 months ago I was happy to be a single(more)