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My theory:

Every genre sucks by definition. About 99% of all music sucks across the board. So no matter what kind of music you think you like, 99% of it is garbage.
Walk away.
Just keep walking till the music stops playing. Walk till the world changes. Walk pass the place where we once live and loved. Walk pass the crooked streets and strange people.
I stood in my living room, been there for hours now. Nothing has happen, nothing wil(more)
It works in circles like gears to a clock.  Each sound vibrates at a frequency that complements another and then another until a chord forms. Until a concerto is played, until a symphony is composed until a song is sung.
The elderly man with the white beard  and toque sitting across from me whistles his reply. The cold of his breath fogging up his semicircular glasses as it spews from his mouth. So high pitched and loud.  What are you doing mister? It's a bird. Why are you whistling back? Even(more)