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There are three types.

One soothes, calms, comforts, lays you down to rest.

Another seems to stare as you enter. Perhaps you'd like to know, yet perhaps not. You are conscious of every breath you take.

The last sows seeds, which can become seedlings. Seedlings can(more)
     The  murmuring grew in strength; bouncing off of the concrete walls like hysteria moves through a panicked crowd.
     Jackson lifted his lantern higher into the darkness of the room, willing whatever force was present to reveal itself. It was pathetic. Futile. A (more)
i heard you threw up in a mcdonald's on valentines day.
are those murmurings
a product of my stomach
or of my conscience
Like this, rather than their distinct thoughts, what came across his weaving network of links with them were closer to emotional wavelengths, nuances of their thought processes and current state. Though he had no regrets of his connection with Frankenstein forged of their contract from long ago, for the(more)
Ellen fell to the ground crying, she felt pain cutting through her whole body. Her head was spinning, questions swept through her mind.
"Who was he?" Her body was shaking with a mixture of cold and fear. The moon beamed down through the trees making the forest just visible(more)
There was a city where my village had been. It too looked like it would fall from the cliffs into the sea at the slightest breeze. Low tide stench still rose from the dead fish, the sun still beat down, the labor was still hard, the whispers still hung(more)