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          My uncle was a Catholic bishop by the time he died. He had a booming voice that spoke well and sang terribly. He told the most terrifying ghost stories I've ever heard, about haunted cabins and murdered newlyweds, during which he would convincingly scream at the t(more)
As we walk, you are pontificating:

people who get married are fools; people who want children are narcissistic; people outside the academy are simple-minded; people inside the academy are narrow-minded with no skills of value; people in your apartment building are phony; people at your grocery store ar(more)
Look inward,
Find the high mountain road.
This is the road that takes me to a higher sense of self.

I feel so much traveling this road; pity, angst, anguish, joy, thoughtfulness, loathing, fear, anger, sadness, happiness, peace, tolerance, acceptance and compassion.

I stumble and fall
I've shed layers of myself in the form of leaves
rusted with water, folded like the laundry
they glide to the ground serpentinely
a roost to the rooster
a mouth to the monster
Along this mountain road - a highway of foliage (more)
         It was one of those days when the air shimmers it's so hot. And if you're from the mild weathered Pacific Northwest like me, then this is like the craziest shit you've ever seen. Almost crazy enough to mention as you take your first steps going up. But(more)
this whole life feels like your climbing up a huge mountain road. sometimes you have all the supplies you need, sometimes you might run out. when you run out, you stop at then nearest place near by, or you ask a friend closest to you and your on your(more)