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The air was thick and hot and clogged the lungs. The sun burned a ragged hole in the sky.
The abandoned Airstream was pitted and scarred like the back of an old dinosaur. The front door hung open, but I could glimpse nothing in the gloom inside.
I mount(more)

I did as Her letter instructed, and ate. And ate, and ate,  until I was swollen as an abscess. Crawled into bed, between cold sheets, and dreamt the dream She had left for me.
Standing in front of a dark closet, I reached in and took down a polka-dotte(more)
Los Angeles is mostly sunny.
In fact it's always sunny.
I walk in the early mornings and it's misty and fog rolls in from the coast and yet it's sunny.
It actually rained a few times but rain doesn't seem to last long in this desert.

There are(more)
heterochromia is what it's called
bipolarity like we're different edges of the earth
when one side is the sun and the alternative isn't even the moon
isn't even space maybe
the alternative is purgatory or a modern equivalent thereof
the moon is a double-sided coin at least
it h(more)