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Moreover, thinking about one's mortality
is boring
and useless.
What will happen is this:
your knees will creak after a long run
and your back might hurt. (more)
People say it when they want to talk about something more important. I imagine men in business suits in a shiny conference room murmuring about market trends and returns, tossing in a "moreover" when their thoughts get away from them, when their feet lift off the solid ground to(more)
I will call him Henry.

Henry was sitting on the sidewalk, with his feet on the grass, knees up, arms draped over them, and this is the way I remember him, though this moment came in the middle of the time I knew him. Mostly he sat i(more)
She sipped slowly on the same watered-down Coke she'd been drinking all night wishing she could fade into the wall and disappear.
Her mind buzzed with conflicting thoughts as she watched him bounce around the room shooting from place to place, stopping for a few words here and there(more)
i hold back, saying the minimum to convey my thoughts. these unreleased emotions roll over and over in my mind as i scientifically examine them from many angles. they flood and wash through me and over me and fill my lungs as i learn to hold them close. before,(more)
"Moreover, in addition to what I've said--"

"Hold on," said Jasper. "You basically said the same thing twice in a row."

"No I didn't," Airi replied. (more)