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it isn't the size
of your wallet or anything else
that defines you
it makes no difference if you're rich or poor
money never mattered to me
nothing more than paper dyed green-ish (more)
Gorge yourself upon the fruits of wisdom.
Fall wildly into your own fermentation.
Abandon worn out illusions amongst the roots,
Liken unto a drunken moose.
There was a quick flash of white branches in the headlights, and then the rush of dark fur which made its way into the brush.  The driver got out: "Moose", and he pulled the flashlight out of his backpack, walked into the dark wild and went looking for said creature.(more)
The common Oregonian moose is actually a deer, or a homeless woman with wires bent strange on a hat on her head, or that shopping cart left in the middle of the intersection with all of someone's essential items.

yesterday the 4th and washington woman with the pizz(more)