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my mobile office:

the size of a closet;

in between a woman's lips, small desk, chair--hoping her O of surprise stays permanent;

on lincoln's thumb, the statue in wa. dc, absorbed in my work, surrounded by tourists, not hating them but glorying a little bit in(more)
I used to be corporate, I guess.

Used to drill down for the details,
Keep my department in the black, out of the red, keep underlings in the dark,
Check P&Ls and ROI, labor numbers and net costs, Utilize Sigma6 and Lean methodologies,
Put non-mission critical items i(more)
"You do know it's getting closer, don't you?"
I've been walking for what seems like weeks. One bare foot repetitiously in front of the other. Naturally, I'm alone again.
Furry little Nonnie scooted ahead of me after our little cattle-prod incident.
They always do that, drop a few confusingly(more)