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It's firefly season again, did you know? I'm staring up at the moon and the stars and feeling so far away. Just me and the fireflies. It feels like I'm alone.

I did all the things we used to do in the summer. I woke up to cold(more)
Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you, you son of a bitch. You're a coward. That's why you did it. You're a liar, too. You told us you were going far away and that you were the happiest you've ever been now that it had been decided. Then(more)
they say that you leave a part of you with every person you meet, and maybe that's why i feel so empty inside; because i've left most of myself with you.

so now i have to rebuild myself without you.
You've always been like a constellation to me.

My heavenly body.
I navigate by you when I'm alone.
You never fail to steer me through the dark.
Lovino misses him most in the middle of the night. When he thinks he sees shadows moving in the room and reaches over to feel a warm body next to his. There’s nothing there though, not anymore. Nothing but the strange shapes on the wall.
I've lived a thousand lives back to back to back
every life begins once one ends
this means we don't always meet

sometimes I'm old and frail as you are being born
sometimes I am sprightly as you take your last breath

we are separated a trillio(more)
I've missed you so long
that our memories
slowly evaporated into

all that's left is (more)
"Why are you sad?" Boyd asked, dropping himself unceremoniously into Donnie's space. Donnie glared at him. "This is sadness right? Or is that just your face?"
"How did you get into my house?"
"Your mum let me in! She's a lovely lady, made me eat some cookies before I(more)
Hello? John? Oh, I guess I got the machine again. I'm not sure why I keep missing you, I'm calling when you said you were available. Huh. Well. Anyway. I just wanted to let you know that the peaches have all gone bad so I threw them away. They(more)
You were here and now you're not. You've left and there's nothing that I can do about it, but hope and pray that you're thinking about me too. You wanted to leave, but that's not my fault... unless it is, then I am so sorry. I'm sorry for forcing(more)
Edward brushed his hair back with one hand and frowned at the face he saw in the mirror. It was too early for him to be fully awake, and the bruise on his jaw from the brawl at the station had only just started to fade. He tilted his(more)
Missing you was easier when there was no hope in finding you.