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Lovino crumples a napkin and throws it next to a used cigarette, lips pursed in a scowl. The room smells stale and the air is choking, causing even Gilbert to bite back a cough, eyes searching as he sits on the edge of the bed. “You okay?”
this was the 5th time he had called. the /5th time/. where was he, and why wouldn't he pick up his stupid goddamn phone?

lovino was downright angry. well, he usually was, but this time he was super angry. he had made plans with alfred to visit the(more)
She leaned back on her chair, taking solace in this gesture. It was short lived once a familiar tone had made itself audible.  She regressed back in a state fear as she shot up from her seat. Her phone continued to jingle in the middle of the room, she let(more)
I sincerely wish that I weren't so inebriated when I left you those messages. I know you thought that I was a drunk mess that couldn't contain feelings that had been left to boil over these last few months.  But what you should have known was that it was the(more)
I call you because I want to be wrapped in your words. Your voice gets into me, it reaches to my cuticles. A cinematic experience - a way for me to watch the words through your vowels, your enunciation and pronunciation. Because you fold your thoughts and let me(more)