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Five hours of shooting, twelve editing, and one more to upload. Every week.

Every week the same comments.

The same anatomical inferences. The same bestial suggestions lurking just beyond perfunctory veils of innuendo.

She suppresses the urge to cry, to vomit, to be crushed under the(more)
The room smells of sex, still and dark and silent compared to moments ago. She lies on her stomach, facing away towards the wall in a drunken, and hopefully, pleased heap. The jury's still out on that one.

We met at the bar. She was pretty, inviting, an(more)
We were a couple on opposite sides of the spectrum. Linda was adventurous and daring, always after that next big thrill. Last year it was the snowboarding craze. This year it was archery. I tagged along of course, as any good boyfriend should. I tried my best to enjoy(more)
they're girlfriends, but they're not a match.

the girl who holds her hand, who kisses her face and whispers sweet things in her ear is not her equal. the girl she loves is an angel, and the girl who she is, isn't.

she is heaven, condensed int(more)
I had a pleasant conversation today:

"Shall we Conversation?"

"Yes. We're having Weather!!"
They were an odd couple, the programmer and the Red Right Hand, though Pieter thought that if she had to make a choice she would not have picked anyone different. Cassius dissaproved strongly, of course, but then again he dissaproved of nearly everything, from the noises made by the(more)