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It started so subtly that no one noticed at first. It might have been your friend, your neighbour, your mother... For me it was my cousin. A crooked smile, eyes like plastic, words that didn't quite make sense.

"What's wrong with you?" I demanded. He continued grinning in(more)
"Excuse me miss, is there another piece of pie?" asked the old man.

He sat still in his wheelchair, looking out the window at the fading sunset. The only sounds were those of the machines in other rooms chirping, dutifully preserving the lives of the aging.

even before your two cups of chamomile, you decide that your morning headache is worth your now-solved heartache. you think that last night you caught the bubbly bug between sips of chardonnay and paper napkin notes slipped between your fingertips. you remember that as your mind melted into liquid(more)
"Seems an awful shame" she half whispered to nobody in particular. "Yep" stated nobody back, exhaling a soft breeze that ruffled her hair weakly.  "But you know the risks; knew them when you started." "Yep" she stated, half-heartedly. Then a half pause.
Not too short, but not tall enough.

Not bad skin, but not clear enough.

Not ratty hair, but not thick enough.
We hear of time, of space, of sex, of booze. We cry, we love, we dream, we snooze. We fake, we fault, we fight we thrive. We doubt, we shout, we care, we take a dive. We drown, we burn, we fear, we trick. We take, we throw, we(more)
Her eyes glazed over with an intense wave of identifiable panic.  Her legs wouldn't respond, seemingly deactivated by the surreal sight before her.

"TURN IT OFF!" she bellowed, smashing a fist into the glass.  The response wasn't even audible, but delivered a crushing pain into her arm that nea(more)
They say they came from somewhere else, that they're not like us even though they look like us, share our DNA (albeit with a few additional strands) and, often, are even born to the same mothers we are.

It's a difficult concept to grasp at first, that the(more)
Miles upon miles
expanded before us.
They disappeared
behind us as we talked.
Gas stations walked
right on by as if we were invisible. (more)
The crack in my ceiling resembled varicose veins on an old woman’s leg, an array of thin lines dividing and jutting away from each other against a milk-pale backdrop. It frequently bore the burden of my attention when I needed a distraction from my own thoughts, when I needed(more)
The lights dimmed in the gymnasium and the song changed. It was some bullshit rap song that I really did enjoy, but the slowing of the music was what I was most nervous for. A slow song.

Can anybody see something in me?  You know, I spend almost every(more)
There's a difference between "The One" and just one. She falls into the latter category. Beautiful, true, respectable, kind... And boring. "The One" (why am I capitalizing it?) will be, different.

Different. (more)
For a long time I didn't know what I was. I didn't know who I was meant to be, I didn't know what my path was, I didn't know where I'd end up. Hell, I didn't even know where I'd be two weeks from now.

My father had(more)
The sat in a circle under the tarp, passing a flask of Wild Turkey around. Harry sipped on the bitterness and let it fester in his mouth. He pointed.

"I swear- I swear tha's the one that'll do it."
*Pit-pat* *pit-pat*
"What is that?" My wife shot up in the bed next to me. "I hear footsteps."
I deserved this sleep, I was too tired to care if someone was dragging her away from me at this moment.
"It's nothing, go back to bed." (more)