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It was late.  My paper was due the next morning and I was staring at a blank screen.  I was half asleep and half drunk.  

It was dark in my small bedroom.  The silence was heavy.  

Just then my computer began to whir softly.  I let out a long bre(more)
Carnival music is playing. I hear children laughing, and a mother scolding her disobedient son. Blond hair flashes from between the bars.

I look to the center, and I can see my dark hair smudged into my skin smudged into my blue shirt in the wavy, clouded mirror.(more)
We go round in circles
endlessly and forever
because we don't get to operate this ride
not this time around
up and down and round and round
never-ending ending-never (more)
On this beautiful earth -
Where we still laugh,
And wish,
And love each other -
Despite the merry-go-round of pain -
The daily torture of living.
We hardly knew each other the day I took Minda, our nanny, and my three year old daughter Carey to Griffith Park. The primary attraction was the merry-go-round, however there were other attractions, but the one that caught my daughter's eye were the riding ponies. They were hitched to(more)