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Ludwig vaguely remembers black silk robes and soft shoes. Now he’s clothed in scratchy material and leather boots, a strange man teaching him the basics of battle in the safety of a large castle. The man calls him brother and tells him he’s too young to really fight. He’s(more)
There was something about seeing Aciel in his formal clothes that Zanis didn't like. Maybe it was because all those layers of heavy silk robes looked uncomfortable to him. Or maybe it was because he was so used to seeing more of Aciel's skin. A lot more. Or maybe(more)
watch as the words,
float in the air,
and materialize into,
the true meaning,
of my love for you.
the true meaning, (more)
the world we live in now is really shallow. we all judge everyone.

people judge your face, race, gender, sexual orientation, blah blah blah. And then the defenders, the "oppressed" judge the judges.

The people who claim to be the least judgmental are the most. they will(more)
Our art teacher has this difficult way of making us do things that she has never explained how to do. And she adds to the difficulty by using big words which she never cares to explain.

This morning our teacher told us to make small figurines using  "indigenous" materials.(more)
She clutched the coarse material of her dress tightly, tugging at it sharply every few steps. The fabric of her dress refused to stray past the middle of her thigh, inching higher every time she raised her leg to take a step. She had nothing but the sheer fabric(more)
She makes him immaterial. In her silence, her stillness he loses his shape. Let me try and say what I mean by it: her sound shapes him. Let me try and say what I mean by it: the empty space her voice leaves behind is his to fill. Now(more)

A baby blue blanket. Must be used.    
Locks of the to-be-parents. At least 3 inches long. Must be from both partners.    
For the best results, use another human infant. If unavailable, exchange with a piglet, or another infant animal roughly(more)
You're just not Harvard material, son.  You should have fun, go to Brown, or Colombia.  You're seventeen, you're too young.  The pressure at a place like Harvard; you're just not ready.  You can come out to Aspen with me and your father while we're deciding our lives and while you're(more)


there's style, color choices, design, lengths, measurements, models...countless things add up. but there's one decision, that without it, your final product wouldn't exist at all.

what material are you going to use?

there's cotton, polyester, wool, faux furs, denim, leath(more)
"I'm having trouble thinking of anyting to write about these days."

"You should shake your life up a bit."  

He was a short, skinny Irish kid from Boston, or at least he claimed he was from Boston, and he loved hip hop.  He was a student of h(more)
"I'm a material girl in a material word"

Didn't Madonna say that? Anyways, I wrote this for another reason. This sentence is TRUE. at a 100%. We are so surrounded by material that we are becoming material, living for material, should I say. And  so is the world around(more)