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If I think about the world as a unit, with racing cloudcover and weather patterns blurring one into the other like someone pushing on a radio dial, and the sun up on one side while the moon cools the other, and if I think about history how it chews(more)
The complex was so sprawling and ancient that we knew it had to be important. Important enough, at any rate, to drag a team of respected anthropologists from all corners of the globe to a desert in Turkey for the greater part of the next 15 years.
I use to work in a convalescent home. Mostly I tried to keep a friendly demeanor with a thick emotional wall between me and the ones I cared for.  

But then there was Ira B. Ira was a tall and sturdy man. His age couldn't hide the fac(more)
This map doesn't tell you anything you need to know...
This map won't take you any places that you need to go...
But this map gets you there in a hurry
This map gets you there without a worry (more)
I lost my direction when I was following a yellow pyrite fool that was using a map to nowhere. Guessing each stop with a roll of my ivory eyes we often landed on snakes in olive branch disguise.  Swirled in circles by a spoon in the road, I reversed course(more)