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         Apartment 308 was occupied by the family of John-Philip, a cranky, skeletal guy with a mullet who worked the graveyard shift at a restaurant supply warehouse. His cheerful wife said she was studying to be a master mechanic, and she seemed to collect distressed and dirty fost(more)
Eyes blink open slowly. Scene flickers in. Eyes protest and shut again, this time with feeling. Beard scratch. Stretch. Giant exhale with a nice vocalized finish. Package scratch. Impressions of dream feelings, warmth from a sleeping dark-haired woman with a tiny baby in her arms comprise a crushing gravity(more)
Thanks for setting your dial to 82.3, KJKE -FM. I’m your host, Lucifer, and I’ll be with you until midnight. If you have a question, a problem, or whatever, I’d love to hear from you. We have lines open toll-free at 1-800-479-1117.    
Synaptic nerves fry
Logarithms inside my
Kaleidascoped eye
The hey has it been? Galen Bosch here, remember. Hi wasp, doled, like a seed, might, burning roll. Bright? Hunan killjoy, and I just want a dominant jean loaf. Lemming java now brown noose. Holds a fur string line. Don't you know Isle haste a plain daze worth? Long(more)

The words in my head were, “Gawd not now…. “
I have the love of my life in front of me and shit, … “ I might have to take a bow.”

I saw her smirking while I fumbled around (more)
It has been broken for years.

I watched movies where doctors in crisp, white overcoats would press their stethoscope against a patient's chest, listening for a sound. The sound was a thump...thump...thump, like the way spring rain sounds as it falls gently on the roof. That sound tell(more)
The robot invasion had been going on for days. People had been dying left and right, but not I. No, not I, for I had a trick up my sleeve.

Or, more accurately, in my basement.
The machine beeped, a warning to anyone close enough to hear. The light flashed, attempting to notify anyone who was there to see. It seemed to say Danger, Danger, Danger.

But no one was there. Everyone had left for the night and no one could heed the its(more)