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Detective Elijah Mitchell had not been sleeping well for the past few weeks because of some disturbing dreams, a distinct girl's voice whispering into his ear, beckoning him, "Help me, Eli!" He had woken up in a furious sweat after each occurrence, the first few times the voice was(more)
If I could give up one sense
I would hope to lose scents
So never again will I bear the assault
Of sandalwood wax, memories all your fault

My nose is attacked (more)
I lost sense everytime you passed by or everytime you're nearby.

I lost MY sense. And to make everything worse, I could even hear my own heartbeat as my blood pressure got tense.

People would say it is normal to react that way. It simply meant tha(more)
"Hey dad, what happened to your wings?"
"What wings sonny?"
"Your golden wings. Remember? The ones you told me about."
"Oh yeah. Well, I cut them off son."
"Why?" (more)
A swing set
It sounds so simple right?
To swing back and forth
To feel like you're flying
But it's not that simple
Because you're not going anywhere (more)
Kogai-gen, the beginning of pollution.

It began with the cats,
One day they started foaming at the mouth,
running in circles, diving into the sea
to their own deaths. (more)
"Come on, man!  What are you thinking?!"  Orrie's voice took an unusual shrill tone that meant he was truly scared.  "Jesus Christ!"  He hoisted Harry's half-limp body off the couch, noticing how very light it felt under Harry's shabby green sweater.  "Have you been starvin(more)