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february sure is cold. "only a couple more months of winter, ayy," this guy's saying. i nod and we talk about the weather for a couple minutes before meditating on our separate sorrows. "one beer, two beers, three beers four, find myself a girl, hope she's not a whore."(more)
It was like a revelation when the song came on the radio. All of a sudden your perfume filled my nostrils and the freckles on your cheeks came into view. I had to pull over because it was all too much. I parked on the side of a busy(more)
You do something bad, you lose a season. Do it again, you miss a birthday. Do it again, you miss her teens. Do it again, she loses her father. Do it again, you don't even care.
James got sick before his new shoes even  had scuffs on them. It was September.  

The leaves were the same color as the school bus. The sight of them, as they fluttered to the ground, stirred in James the same ill dread.  

The light in the fields w(more)
finally winter
long absent will become known
as the lost season
   It had been a year. A year since that ball whizzed past his ear.   A year since that ball had struck that umpire, killing him instantly. A year since all those press conferences, with that umpire's picture behind him as he spoke of his grief. Of losing his(more)