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The reason people stayed away from him was not obvious.  He was an average looking guy, dressed OK-ish.  Spoke well, had average intelligence and was not even suffering from body odor.   He was always very neat.
People look, people always look, and he's vain, and he's grown used to the pampering stares and his reflection in glassy eyes, and he is content. Up above them all, curled in vermilion velvet, with heavy lids hiding dark sets of eyes, he feels them. He feeds off their(more)
Lila's fingers were soft on my back, walking over the curve of my spine and tracing the history of my scars.

"I've never seen any animal like this," she said.  "A bearcat or puma could've made these scratches, but..." A light, brushing touch over the divot carved out of(more)
"Look at the way the light moves over the water...."
The lecture theatre was hot and I was tired.  I knew that the technical bits were as important as the field work, but I just had no interest today.  Some days I could muster some enthusiasm for the weekly lecture o(more)
"This is a really nice room," Masayoshi said, back pressed into the headboard and both feet barely brushing the mattress. He grinned and gripped Gotou's hair tighter as Gotou shifted them both, the headboard knocking back against the wall.
It had been three years since their disastrous school trip into the mountains, and Yosuke would have been more than okay with never seeing the scenes of those crimes again. Honestly, it was a little too early in the year for a camping trip, but when he'd asked Souji(more)