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grit and mold and pale-fleshed toes,
the memories: 'piteous overthrows'
and shafts of light come streaming in
between squeaky boards; and claws so thin
they dart beneath the rotted door
find dirt and crumbs; dust moles, spores (more)
Whatever was inside this box, it was valuable enough, secret enough, powerful enough that I'd lost six of my nine lives getting my paws on it.

I picked the skull-shaped onyx lock with a practiced claw.

Two pulsing red objects rested inside, with a note: "Eat us:(more)
sheathed over with arrogance
bleating out her beating
little Girl flees satiated
forsaking her feed [though
only presently]; in leave
Child chides, censuring with (more)
It was the rain that woke him, pattering softly against the windowpane above his head. Edward blinked in the dimness of the room, the murky grey light of dawn sneaked in through the cracked curtains and cast the barest illumination across the floor.

No one knows who I am.

The things I care about, the things I feel.
I looked out the window. I could see four balconies across, three stories high.

Every window was closed, all blinds drawn.

I just moved in to this place. No rumors of violence; no one is loud and obnoxious. Yet still, every window was closed, all blinds drawn.(more)
He called me godless, behind my back. He's right, I don't believe in the deity of the Bible, Torah, or any other holy book. But the accusation of godlessness, or being "anti-god" as he put it, seems to imply something more, an anger or bitterness, which I simply do(more)
Turn the deadbolt in the front door, slide off the privacy chain. My my bedroom there is a bookshelf and on the bookshelf a weathered copy of The Iliad. I cut out the last twenty-five pages with her xacto knife and in the hollow I keep a key. The(more)
    They don't understand her. People avoid what they don’t understand.
    She talked about spells and potions she made. When she was small he picked a wand from the forest she was camping, she thought it was weird, how could a wizard forget their own wand? Well, lucky her, w(more)