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It's a hot summer day, and Jake never wastes a chance to wear his favourite muscle shirt.

He saunters down the street. He's at the top of his game with a ripped body, lustrous and tanned. No-nonsense jeans and wraparound shades. You can't tell if he's burning a(more)
Brandon walked with Betsy to school everyday past the chain link fences and oak trees. They walked past the architectural echos of the post-world war two suburban explosion.
Past Mrs. Cortney's house and Daniel Jeremiah's place where Betsy had her first kiss.

Mr. Tomlinson would rake his leav(more)
Evelyn doddered down the commercial-gray carpet of the antiseptic south-wing corridor. Running her right hand along the wall and using a cane in the other was her choice for stability. Others preferred to use the handrail. But, for the ninety-two year old, the cool glossy paint felt alive underneath(more)