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Antonio was glad that the weather was good, smiling as the sun shined down on him on the worn bench. It was a weekday, so it was unsurprising that there weren't any young children playing on the swings or slides at the park. In fact, the only noise heard(more)
Limping along doing exercise
Limping along socially
Limping along on your job
Limping along with your marriage
Limping along with relations with your children
Limping along with your drinking habits (more)
It's the end.
The earth's churned into toxic-smelling mud and blood pools in congealing puddles. Spent shell casings and bullets litter the land, reflecting dully what little sun shines through thick clouds of dispersing smoke. Maybe in other places, people are happy and blissfully unaware of what it's like(more)
    Waking up slowly, I look around to see the white walls still there.
    Waking up slowly, I look around to see the white walls still there. After a few minutes my blood is warm enough from the mid day sun cooking me for me to have the energy to(more)