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medium of exchange: you were here
then gone
then back again.

you were a currency-constant,
store of dizzying value. (more)
a microscope zooms in on the coarse fibers that make up this berber carpet raking my skin. the individual threads are elongated rectangular prisms; hard edges clumped tightly together to make little knots and hills over and over and over again until the knots and hills are many enough(more)
If only happiness was like money and never ran out for him. He was the richest man in the world, lavished in abundant jewels and never-ending bundles of bills. He could decide one day to buy a private jet and fly to Spain and it wouldn't even be twenty-four(more)
"Like, MONEY," I said. "Why does it have to run our lives?" I knew she agreed with me, but she was the one with a real job, sitting in an office from 9 each morning to 7 at night, answering calls, meeting clients, and most importantly, always trying to(more)
"I dunno how you can hang out with her," Junpei blurted out, setting his game down on the table and scrunching his face like he'd tasted something bad.

Minako didn't look up. She was lying on her back on one of the couches in the dorm lounge, carefully(more)