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so you flew away
and you disappeared but I
still look at the sky
Women like this’ll just lay you out stiff
Shoes untied, but I’m staring down a goodbye
There ain’t much else on my mind
Except for the shoulda’s and coulda’s
And wonderin’ what the hell this was
Love or a car crash? (more)
Soaring through the air high above the trees. Colors everywhere, noises bustling everywhere. Swooping low and rising high. Landing gracefully on a telephone pole. Ruffling feathers, then another flight. People like ants below, anyone of them a possible victim.
The mutants are everywhere; evolution has gone mad. And it may be too late to stop the change. We normals will soon be obsolete, extinct.

Perhaps you do not remember how it started. Perhaps you chose to ignore the warning signs. Those of us that did and voiced(more)
first time I saw you
you had burst
into song
like a bird
and you sang
so fetchingly (more)
"He's getting really good, huh?" Clair's voice brought Seb out of a daydream.

"Yeah. He's been up there since last night. He's practically become a bird." He looked up to the clear sky. "Sometimes I still can't believe it, you know. So much is so happening so fast(more)