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Even though I don't work today I get dressed and go into the city feeling like it's out of my way and it is. I've been penciled in for lunch with my best friend who is always busy nowadays: downtown job, high heels, two joints when she gets home(more)
penises, vaginas, and pie tins.
There’s an eerie calm when you know the end is near. When you’ve been bleeding out for so long that all you feel is the coldness that wraps itself around your wounded body. They say that just before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes, I guess(more)
"SON-OF-A-BITCH!" Chandler yelled after dropping all the deviled eggs on the ground. That wasn't the only thing he had dropped to the ground in the kitchen but luckily we have two awesome mops. One is named Hiro and the other is named Tsuki. I even had a cute story(more)
the sound of his breath,
the beating of his heart,
it's hot in here.
you sliced me, left and right.
bleeding me out.
looking for your treasure; (more)
The night you licked my fingers clean was the night I fell for you.
You stood, confident in your own skin, and leant over my patient shoulder to remove the baking residue from my hands. We had always been close, but in that moment we became closer than ever(more)
He licked her clean. He liked doing that afterwards. Their eyes met. She kind of blushed.
It was your hair that first captivated me. Blond. Shiny. "Licked clean," I would say. You hated that. You were always so well put together; I was always so disheveled. I used to tell you that you are brilliant all the time. But that was when we used to(more)
It was always hot.  The humidity was so think you could cut it with a knife like in the cartoons.  Port Gibson, Mississippi is a terrible, down trodden little speck of a town on the hip of the state.  It's where my family is from, it's where I spent most of my(more)
He'd never loved anyone quite the same way as he loved her—not even Gilbert, or Antonio, or Arthur. The day she'd stood before the throne looking as though she had the power of God behind her, that was the day he discovered that there was another kind of love,(more)
It was a trick of the light. I saw a figure standing there.
I'm pretty sure anyway. But I stepped forward to check if it is you, and the hallway was empty.
Of course it was.
I went back to the kitchen and opened up my Mueller corner. (more)
Lovino was occupied with sticking his finger into the bowl of rich chocolate batter on the counter, carefully licking it clean before shoving it in again. He isn’t a huge fan of sweets, not as much as his brother at least, but if there’s one thing he has a(more)
ever had a nice, big, bowl of your favorite ice cream? mmm, yea. a big scoop of rocky road, or a odd-tasting cone of pistachio. whatever it is, anyone wants every last drop.

there comes a moment in our ice-cream eating lives where we're done with the ice(more)
Ludwig stood at the kitchen counter, icing bag in his hands, cake sitting patiently in front of him, and a concentrated expression on his face.

He couldn't believe he had to make a cake. They were each assigned a food for Alfred's pot-luck, only this time it was(more)
After hours of tedious copy-editing I decided to take a much needed break. I went to the kitchen to look for a snack only to find Jessica standing in front of the refrigerator, eyes peeking over the edge of a carton of Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream. "What(more)