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I met the guys at boot camp, back '05. We all came from a similar background: wrong side of the tracks, poor parenting, some combination of drugs and violence growing up. We'd joined the Army as a steady salary, an adventure, and mostly, an escape. We all had big(more)
All colonists had been given treatments to prevent disease, resist harsh environments, and elongate their life spans. Endi had been alone for 83 years, and he was proof that they worked. Sadly, he suspected no one would ever find out.
On the day of the trip, Mama was awake an hour before everyone else, naturally. She was in the kitchen as I walked in, rubbing my eyes sleepily, wearing nothing but my underwear because the previous night had been an unbearably hot one. She was making sandwiches for everyone,(more)
Our ammo is scarce, but if we surprise them during the blight they won't see us coming. We will strike them at their most sacred of places. We will forsake all truces and take what we must so that we can survive.

We begin to run. The bligh(more)
People always talk about mourners as the ones who were "left behind". As if the old dead lady just popped up a peace sign and said "Yo, dawg. I'm out. Catch ya on the flip side" and then caught the first flight to the afterlife.
No one is here
It's empty
That much is clear.

No one is here
It's cold (more)
With puppy dog stares
screams and cries
I broke your heart
with tears in my eyes

now dry after all these years (more)
      You think back to your childhood. No, not the messiness or the broken hearts or the syringes. No, the one thing that stands out the most is that brown bear.
    That brown bear meant everything to you. Your mom had given it to you before she went crazy, before(more)