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The smell of sawdust and machine oil hit me the moment I stepped in the door. Like a bright welcome sign at the airport with your name on it, it silently claims "You found me! You're safe and welcome here." It's only practice that allows me to detect the(more)
Confusion washed down the back of my mind, a single thought now formed. Who are you?

"Hey," She said, eye's pinched, burning a hole straight through mine, "who do you think you are? I've been waiting for 20 minutes, and then you come in like it's nothing, order,(more)
hello darkness my old friend. sleepless nights have left me wondering about things not worth dwelling on. i tell myself its only going to be like the last time. and i can feel it against my skin, tasting like freedom and tears and bad decisions and i'm drunk on(more)
"What's your handle?"

Maybe no one ever really talked like that. Except in the movies. There was a time, though, at least in the pop culture imagination, when every long haul trucker wore flannel plaid and 501's and one of those foam and mesh John Deere hats And(more)