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I'll be a cat with nine concurrent lives

The last of a rich dessert, saved to be
eaten in the morning for breakfast

The forgotten dollar bill tucked (more)
Turn up your lazy eyes to the screws coming loose in the firmament. See how the stars glisten through the cracks in the day.

As the floodgates once opened and the rivers once swelled, go get ready your boats and two of each kind of the things tha(more)
turquoise green and blues
sea-foam sex and ocean scent
you eye me lazy
I saw past your lazy eye, but the dolpin tattoo on the small of your back was unforgivable.
Although you might never know it, the lazy eye is far less  lazy than you think.  

It is the only eye that captures the subliminal, full-on peripheral, the wandering, and the just barely out of sight.  

It works harder than the "working" eye because it's been pigeon-holed as(more)
I have bad eyesight. My hearing isn't very good. I have terrible balance.
But for everything that's wrong I can be thankful that I don't have a lazy eye. I don't think I'd like it if nobody knew how to look me in the eye.