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Every guy has "a guy."

The guy is the nameless protagonist of a variety of tales, his name shrouded in anonymity out of forgetfulness or necessity or the bubbles of a dozen beers, a friend from college or work, or an acquaintance at the bar, a friend o(more)
I am often surprised by my parents. They are (for most people), the first people we ever know and ever get close to. We recognise their voice, the way they like to cook mashed potatoes, their daft taste in music, and the silly face they pull when they try(more)
Never go to college and hope for a career.
Get a job first and learn about yourself.
Make plenty of friends in the process.
Meet lots of people and shake many hands.
Work harder than you've ever worked.
Earn trust, build rapport, and your reputation. (more)
I know a guy, that knows a guy, that knows a guy, y'know? He could hook up all sorts of connections for ya. But it'd cost ya. Bit more, bit more, that's golden. Now, you and me never met, and never exchanged this handful of money. Capisci?
"What about the flowers?  You know I can't afford that many roses.  It's too close to singles-awareness day."

Orrie was exasperated with Harry's usual gift of forethought.  "Look, man, I've got it taken care of.  I know a guy at the flower shop.  You wrote her that(more)
"Well what do you think she'd say?" asked Kevin

"Say?! She is going to completely lose her mind if she sees this" exclaims Brenden

"I think it's your fault, you told me to do it, and you even laughed at me, I told you I could do(more)
-it's not the pale moon that excites me, that thrills and delights me, oh no... it's just the nearness, "Hey Toni" shouts Carl in an excited tone as he flings open the bathroom door.
"Hey man, I'm relaxing in the bath, you're disturbing my quiet time and chill out(more)