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Jane is a bath gel nomad. She never uses the same product twice. She switches through aromatic body soaps and gels on her constant search for one that, in her words, "knocks me out with its aromatic lusciousness".

I admire her noble goal, though I can see how(more)
Her breath in morning
Left eyes closed in pain
A fist to the temple
Black boughs wrapped in fog.
Heavy heals shattering morning.
Late geese screaming south.
Winters punch a tour de force.
I'm knocked out on the couch
Lethargic as a rat mummified in grease. (more)
He was a beautiful boy. With a toe-head and the brightest blue eyes that anyone has ever seen. Most blondes are pale, but his skin tanned easily and remained olive throughout the cold winter days. It contrasted nicely with his stunning white hair and sparkling straight toothed smile. He(more)
His words knocked out all that I had left in my defense. The walls I built over time, piece by piece crumbled into a mass of benign. Silly on the putty he made of me, I watched the air oblige our passing, comfortably walking side by side. He created(more)