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every single dent in your car is why we broke up. the scratch in your bumper is for when my mom was in the hospital and your thought that watching a lacrosse game was more important. your shattered head lights are for when you forgot to call on my(more)
She would lock herself inside the house and wrenched the doorknob from its handle; would close the door to her room and kick it closed, wedge her desk up to the wall to seal up the windows.
Off, went the lights and her phone and the computer, and she(more)
A race, boys! Everyone's gotta join, no one can hold back. And the best thing is, there's only one winner! No one to trust, no one to depend on, no one for support. Only You and the Track and the Dust, only You and the blinding Blue Sky, only(more)
Kevin was in a furry stuffing his shit in bags. Toiletries, clothes, and of course his half-drunk-bottle of Jameson. Richelle climbed into bed and head facing the wall. She wasn't watching his circus acts anymore. Kevin had threatened to leave her before but after a day of cooling off(more)
Well two of her ribs had been kicked in, she was fairly certain of that. Nancy was just glad he had left her face unscathed this time. A little rib pain would be much easier to hide from her work colleagues than a shiner.
She looked around the kitche(more)
I used to scream into a pillow when I was mad. But now? Now there was a space behind my door that I kicked whenever I was angry. A gaping hole in the drywall, (or two. Possibly three. Maybe more than fifteen.) showed how often I was really, really(more)
Sitting out in the courtyard by a tree, they spoke late into the evening on a wide variety of topics, from recently developed scientific theories, to historical happenstances, to great literary exploits. It was quite refreshing, speaking of such matters with someone without the same formal education he experienced. (more)
Come on. I dare you. Break me. Kick my steel heart in two. Break my concrete walls. I dare you to get closer. I dare you to try.
I know you like me...I see it in your eyes. I know that I'm messed up and hurting and completely self-absorbed.(more)
Leah smiled as she leaned in, rubbing her tummy. Her man grinned wide as he admiring his lady. She, is really the one. He often thought to himself.

Leah closed her eyes slowly feeling the baby inside her without even paying attention to her husband. She was finally(more)
"So, how did you meet?" She asked, calm as you like, picking apart a daisy with her long jade green nails.
"In a cafe." He sighed, staring up at the clouds. "I was having a really shitty day, and I ordered a coffee, and she was my waitress and..."(more)
I pumped at the balls of my feet and kicked into a run. My cells were screaming with misuse after days - even months - of being trapped. Trapped where, you ask? Realistically it was the confinement of my home sweet home, but personally I would answer 'my very(more)
I ran up to the door but it was already too late. The lock was shattered and the bottom hinge had been ripped off. It was just hanging there from what remained of the top hinge. Some huge force had kicked in the door. It looked like the Juggernaut(more)
The stench of the city was unbearable. They had taken to wearing bandannas over their faces, it helped to filter out the worst of the smell of decomposition. Edward stood on the side of an overturned military truck, one hand over his eyes to shade them as he surveyed(more)
Jimbo laughed. Jimbo, who we sometimes called Rambo. Certainly, he would have ground his way through any tropical jungle or wasteland.  
"I sure kicked it in that time!" Jimbo walloped.  
"Come on, then, give her another go!" I watched. Rambo wrenched up and booted. Hard. The door burst, it's(more)
We tend to live our lives in bubbles. Glass houses that grant us boundaries from the outside world yet still allow us to see and pretend we relate. We feel safe in our houses, unable to comprehend a life outside of ours. We follow our routines, see the same(more)