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I pushed my hands further into my pockets as I walked down the crowded street. My head was bowed as I avoided eye contact with the other pedestrians. I pulled up my hood, my eyes darting around nervously.

Nobody would ever have to know what I'd done. No(more)
"Wait, is that-" Jill started to turn her head at the figure that just walked by.
"Nope!" replied Bethany, grabbing her friend's wrist and tugging her along.
"But I thought-"
"No." (more)
Every day at 3 o'clock he walked by her house. She waited by her window, shadowed by the thick curtains, and watched. He was tall and broad-shouldered with a kind face. She didn't know his name or where he lived or how old he was. All she knew about(more)
"You believe in love at first sight, or shall I walk by you again?"  Gilbert's grin fell nearly as abruptly as he did--stride hindered by very shiny Armani shoes that sent him stumbling forward into a park bench.
Edward sat fearlessly on the ledge, his red-soled boots dangling off of the drop as if it were nothing. It was nice and quiet up here, the busy hustle and bustle of the crowded street below was muffled by the distance; up here Edward had the company of birds.(more)
You want to say something - you've mapped out the way the conversation should flow in your head a thousand times - but the carefully formed sentences leave your mind the moment you open your mouth.

Someone says something to you, but it's all a blur - their(more)
A flower crushed in the sidewalk,
Yet she just walked by.
A child dying in the streets,
Yet she just walked by.
A robber going to the bank,
Yet she just walked by.
Opportunity cost.
The principle of economics: when you choose one
path, you leave behind the other ones.
You never noticed me before,
Until you just walked by one day,
I wish you hadn’t,
Because you and your assemble,
Noted me for the first time,
And ridiculed me, (more)
"Benny. Hey Benny!"

"Stop shouting, he'll come over here when he wants," Will is smiling far more than Danny thinks he should, but maybe it's just the booze helping to ease the tension out. He's quiet though, in a calm way that Danny tries hard to separate from(more)