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If it's just before noon
and I'm still lounging under the covers
or dreaming of some twisted, alternate me
it's unlikely I'll discover anything
worth waking up for.
"The point being, I don't think anyone has started anything for lunch yet," the boss's second son moped (or possibly pleaded), sending his wide, brown eyes searching for sympathy in the faces of his colleagues.  ...They weren't exactly the most obvious types to look for help for (unless something criminal(more)
Just before noon on a Sunday.
I should be asleep.
What happened last night?
I try with all my might
To fight
The blight (more)
Night is darkest just before dawn.
Day is brightest just before dusk.
The moon is lowest just before midnight.
The sun is lowest just before noon.

Which is a coincidence, because that was when I realised that some saying just make no sense.

Which is fitting, given(more)