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I bubble ovals
though unnecessary lead
shines black in daylight
people find that my writing
is half-assed at best
"Ow!" said Michael, "why do you keep kicking me? Stop it."

"It's tradition," said Daniel.  "Every five minutes I kick you, it is the way of our people."
Every year, a fortnight before Christmas, the Kemble family gets some donuts and they go outside of their house, and they throw them on the roof while yelling profanities.  Oscar, the family patriarch, says that it's cathartic.  He started the tradition during the same year that he knew he would never(more)
it's funny how my perception of you changed. at first you were probably just there, three year olds are far too young to categorize people into groups, they have high school for that. and then in elementary school you were the annoying one, the boy who the other girls(more)
"Did you know that Johnny's mother-in-law owns that really good Indian food restaurant over on Solano?" My father looked up from the financial section of the Chronicle. "What's that?" His hearing aids are in but that doesn't matter much these days. My mother repeats herself. "Wait til I tell(more)
it's tradition
(of course)
to revoke
all our rights
at birth -
let the smarter men, (more)
"It's tradition," she says to me, "for lovers to kiss before they erase themselves from their family's lives."
"Says who?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. But I kiss her anyways.
"It's also tradition," she says, after pulling away from me, "for lovers to say 'I love you' before they(more)
We drank and played Uno and laughed the night before because it's tradition to never bring up what is happening the next day.
When we heard that our youngest sibling would be bringing his wife who we hate, we doubled our alcohol intake in preparation, because it's tradition.
I gait into an empty room, full of empty people. No one says a word, no hello or goodbye can be heard, even in a whisper. The eyes of the empty dolls simply wander, never staying in one place as mistrust floats in the air.
This is how i(more)
It's tradition. Just like the lottery, the wars, the cans.
Something that can never be broken, torn, or discarded. It's something that you wear on your t-shirt, a logo emblazoned on your very skin, tattooed on your soul.
You can't get rid of it.
Lord knows I've tried. (more)
it’s tradition
for a woman to take
a man’s hand
but what if
for some reason
somehow (more)
Every year
We find more and more people
Take their lives
Due to bullshit they endure
Whether it be at school or at home
I'm tired of it. It's tradition has become more of an excuse to force people to do things they have no more interest in than anything. Don't want to go to your Grandma's annual dinner party? No, you can't do that! It's tradition! Same as getting married, having kids,(more)
Late night Christmas light drives, opening one single present before bed. Waking up early and smiling