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Waves crash
The light refracts
A scream cries out
A hand reaches about
But it's all gone
Not a scrap left to rest upon.
If you walk deep enough into the halls, you will come to a place where concepts exist. Like Plato's world of forms.

But the Gnostic Halls and Plato's Form World are odd cousins of one another.

Forms in Plato's reckoning are perfect. Not so in the Gnosti(more)
It shattered when it hit the floor, the honey jar, into four jagged chunks and a hundred tiny shards that scattered across the filthy linoleum. Jasmine stood above it with her chicken legs spread out in her Minnie Mouse dress. She stuffed her fingers into her mouth and looked(more)
I am not broken, Beloved. I am not the shattered, scattered person you desire. I am whole and hale. I am dust and demons alike. I am my own strength, my own song.
I am not broken, Beloved.
And neither are you. (more)
Nothing is ever all gone
Even your dust stays around
Skin shavings and nail clippings ground up
Into particles floating through space so only a
Tick or mite could hitch a ride on the wave
To the sea of death that used to be me
it's all gone for good
i'm glad because i was dumb
wait what's this website