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Always, it was my heart.
I’m not a romantic, but if a robot can love, I did. It’s rare to find a woman who listened the way she did – the endless regressions and asides that we launched into were digested, comprehended, and expounded upon. It was a wholl(more)
Seven months of phone conversations and message exchanges equaled what seemed like seven years of correspondence before the day we actually met face-to-face.  Seven weeks of wining, dining, dancing, and deepening our bond through physical touch; long, lingering kisses, and watching the sun rise (and set) wrapped (more)
      take to me as the sea
for i am the formless, the shapeless
      from which you will eternally wander.
lost and not found (more)
here for a second, gone in an instant
the wind picked up, as if to blow away my tears
raindrops fell, the sky bleeding with me
there you lay, body withered
broken, yet whole
She'd only been home from college for a day, dumping her suitcases in her old room.

One day was one too many for him. He'd gone to bed early, angry about her return.
His left hand was clutching around for something. Someone in the bed but there was no one. Hadn't been for a very long time, he remembered. Half asleep. He couldn't be truly asleep anymore. Always aware and watching behind the eyelids.