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Hey, it was fun
To have known you
And grown with you

Hey, it was fun
To play with you (more)
It was fun while it lasted -
the steam of hot chocolate and the
snow down my back
As my glasses clear and the snow turns to sweat,
I can see winter wonderlands
are only picture perfect from the window
The beer bottle exploded into a glassy and foamy mess as it slipped out of Jeff's hand and onto the sidewalk.

"God damn it...." Jeff said while walking into the bodega to buy a replacement. He thought about how stupid it was to buy another beer but the(more)
"Woohoo! Suck it, asswipes!" Tim leaned out the window to flip their pursuers the bird, still laughing wildly.

For her part, Jan just cursed under her breath and stepped on the gas; the tires screeched like bloody murder as she drove around a sharp bend, and she's no(more)