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On occasion, ideas for stories will steal my sleep. Sadly, most of those never get written. Putting ideas in written form is not a talent I possess. I still try. The reason is, I must get some of this imagination out or I will never sleep.    
Holding hands, sitting next to each other on the bench,  I could tell the old couple were a forever sort of thing. They probably met in their youth, played in the sandbox together, ate cookies and milk. They probably struggled through puberty together. I bet the first awkward admissions of(more)
The way it is now
isn't the way it was meant to be
you there
me here
doesn't make any sense
and sure doesn't keep me warm at night (more)
It was always raining, against the window that is. The droplets made little pings and formed a rhythm as they danced along the surface of the glass. I watched in wonder as they cascaded down in rivulets and formed little streams.
My favorite past-time was to stare fixated at(more)